The Best Accounting and Bookkeeping Software for Churches

Churches and nonprofits stand to lose benefits when they purchase an accounting program that is not designed specifically for them. Instead of having the freedom of movement, they are forced to operate within the restrictions of general accounting principles. Our bookkeeper is professional, prompt, knowledgeable and kind. I feel when she does the bookkeeping, I do not have to be concerned as to if she has accurately performed the services. She is an asset to the company, and that makes it easy to recommend StartCHURCH services for bookkeeping. We’re simply here to support you with the financial aspect of your ministry.

Save your valuable time for the big picture story your numbers are telling and let your bookkeeper organize the rest. It’s the story of your present missional effectiveness and your church’s future potential. Since 2008, Jitasa has experience working with 75+ churches, from megachurches botkeeper jobs to 100-member congregations. Digital-era ministry branding goes beyond logos, fostering unity with modern designs and strategic social media engagement. The proprietary Simplify System is accessible from wherever you are, stored in the United States AND is 100% secure.

Using ZipBooks, you can also tag transactions, generate income statements, manage accounts receivable, and produce other financial reports. Work can be organized into projects or tasks, with time tracked accurately. When you are ready to bill, you can add the tracked time to the invoice with a single click. FlockBase aims to make tracking church finances simple for both staff and volunteers. Built with true fund accounting, it allows you to manage fund balances with precision. Church Windows is a hybrid church accounting system that helps manage day-to-day activities and interactions with followers.

A majority of church income comes from member contributions, so tracking member contributions is a needed function to give you insight into how much each member has given on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Now only does this allow you to give annual giving statements to members for tax reporting purposes, but it also helps keep your financial reporting as clean as possible. Software exists to help with almost every aspect of running a business, so it’s no surprise that there are an equal amount of tools available for nonprofits, and thus, faith-based organizations such as churches.

Bitrix24 provides social tools for engaging your congregation, like social network, user groups, polling, media gallery, shared calendars, video conferencing and more. It can also help you manage your church board by organizing your structure, and keeping a church directory. From collecting availability, creating schedules, sharing with volunteers, and setting reminders via text and email, this software will improve your church volunteer process and ensure no program or event is left short-handed. Consider hiring a CPA to do a quarterly or annual “look over” of your church bookkeeping … The Statement of Cash Flows (SOCF) adjusts that “net balance” from the Statement of Activity (SOA) by deducting or adding any cash transaction that involved your assets or liabilities. So using the example stated above, your SOA may show a net balance of $1,000, but the SOCF will record that $1000 and then deduct the additional $1400 you spent cash on and give you the actual net balance of -$400.

Sync your church accounting software with apps that help you communicate with donors and manage contributions with ease. Are these the best church bookkeeping software tools on the market? Sound financial management is core to running any faith-based organization. Based in the cloud, Realm is a church management package that helps with administration, accounting, and community builder features. It can be used to run reports, manage cash flow, and accept all types of contributions. Users can maintain databases by connecting profiles for individuals, families, or businesses.

  1. We’ll pay your employees and handle all payroll-related taxes.
  2. Plus, since you likely have a limited team, it helps to outsource your bookkeeping so you can focus on growing your organization and never get behind.
  3. Many church contribution software systems may offer free trials of their solutions, which can be easy ways to test out if a software is worth the investment.
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Smaller donors can be worked to contribute more frequently based on numerous small events or projects the church may be working on. Set up a church bookkeeping system that not only tracks expenses and income, but also tracks your assets and liabilities. We understand the unique challenges of managing church finances because we’ve been there.

Our financial experts will help you assess your church’s needs and give you a quote to match. The amount of stress that I don’t have as a church planter is all because of their amazing support. Quality bookkeeping is a tool for effective ministry you can use every step along the way.

The Done-For-You Church Bookkeeping Solution

QuickBooks offers discounted products for nonprofits through TechSoup, a nonprofit tech marketplace. We recommend that churches and other houses of worship use QuickBooks Online Plus or QuickBooks Advanced so they can get all the tools, tracking, and reporting features we offer. QuickBooks online for churches helps you manage your finances effectively. They can assign every dollar to a committee, program, or worship fund.

A Ministry-Focused Team

Find more of what you need with these tools, resources, and solutions. Get matched with a QuickBooks-certified bookkeeper who understands nonprofits and keeps your books up to date. This tool offers an API that facilitates integration with other business tools.

Based on my technical consulting for a metropolitan church, I’ve shortlisted and reviewed the best church bookkeeping software to help you manage your church’s affairs responsibly and even increase donations. Aplos’ integrated suite makes critical management tasks straightforward and uncomplicated. Jitasa is the largest national provider of church accounting and bookkeeping services.

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Thankfully, there are lots of great church accounting software solutions on the market, any of which can supplement your current digital giving platform, including Giving. Based on our research, here is a brief overview of some of the best accounting software for churches. I do this with my clients that are still handwriting paper checks, so when I do a bank reconciliation, I can send them a report and notify them if they have any outstanding checks. Labor and employment laws are in effect for both nonprofit and profit companies. Better to err on the side of caution than to be penalized for misclassification.

Shepherd’s Staff

Over 40,000 nonprofits and churches trust Aplos Software to help them succeed in their missions. Parable is made up of fathers, mothers, church planters, missionaries, and mission-minded professionals who understand the difficulties of church financial stewardship. Once you capture all the details of your organization’s finances, it’s time to use what you learn to continue leading your church. While it may seem “good enough” to have an admin or volunteer watch your books, quality bookkeeping requires a talented expert.

The cost of the software can vary depending on the features, number of users, and support options included, among other factors. Additionally, some software providers may offer discounts or special pricing options for churches, which can help to reduce the cost of the software. You always have access to your financial records and can switch to a church accounting software only subscription at any point with a 30-day notice if you decide to manage the books yourself. In its most affordable plan, you can create church member and staff profiles and offer a selection of donation methods, devices and even schedules.






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